David M. Harrison

Military Law Practice

David M. Harrison

Military Law Practice
Military justice expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the Pacific Theater

Japan’s Only Resident Military Justice Expert

David Harrison is based in Tokyo, Japan and brings over 30 years of military justice expertise to U.S. military personnel serving in the Pacific Theater. David served as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Navy where he was a General Courts-Martial Judge and the Director of the Navy’s Criminal Law Division in Washington, D.C. He held command twice, most recently as Commanding Officer of Defense Service Office Pacific in Yokosuka, Japan. There he provided defense services throughout the Pacific. Prior to this, David was in Command of Region Legal Service Office Southwest, where he provided investigation and prosecution services in the southwest region. His litigation experience includes as prosecutor, defense counsel and appellate counsel. Mr. Harrison also served as staff on three Flag Officer commands. His experience in military justice is unmatched anywhere in the Pacific Theater.

Decades of Experience in Defending:


Conviction at courts-martial carries significant and lasting repercussions including incarceration, loss of military benefits and a criminal record. Quality legal representation early in the process is essential to protect your rights and your future.

BOI / ADSEP Boards

Administrative Boards and Boards of Inquiry are the legal mechanism for removing personnel from the service. It is not just employment at risk, but also the possibility of losing veteran benefits and for the retirement-eligible, reduced retirement pay.

Complaints / Investigations

Complaints of wrongs at the command level, to the Inspector General, or to other entities can quickly derail your military career. Navigating these complex processes with a long term strategy is crucial to successfully overcoming them.

Reasons to retain David Harrison as counsel:


“The military justice expert among all Navy defense counsel”
- Navy Vice Admiral
“Polished, balanced approach to tough issues”
- Navy Rear Admiral
“Most experienced and accomplished military justice expert”
- Navy Rear Admiral