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the lawyers of Murashita Law and PatentMurashita Law & Patent Office was established in April 1962 by the late Takeji Murashita. The office developed a specialty in intellectual property law primarily in the Japanese anime industry. The office soon become a leader in the intellectual property field in Japan and grew that expertise to represent the broader motion picture, broadcast television and internet entertainment industries. Murashita Law and Patent office is a renowned boutique firm supporting entertainment industry clients’ intellectual property rights both domestically and internationally.

The attorneys at Murashita Law and Patent Office bring years of deep and varied experience in copyright protection, trademark registration and protection, patent registration and protection, industrial property rights and other intellectual property rights. In addition to the firm’s specialization in intellectual property, we proudly support all our client’s legal needs regardless of practice area. To better assist our clients on the international stage, we recently added an in-house foreign registered lawyer, (Gaikokuho-Jimu-Bengoshi) and expanded areas to our portfolio. Our team of talented and dedicated practitioners continue to be leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Office wall with name of Murashita Law & PatentOur mission and enduring philosophy are to protect fundamental human rights and achieve social justice. To that end, our office provides solutions in all manner of civil law issues and criminal law cases. We view our role as public servants for society and our attorneys are active in their communities, the broader legal profession, and academia.

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