Services Offered by Murashita Law & Patent

Patent Registration

Murashita Law and Patent Office’s patent attorneys specialize in assisting new entrepreneurs and major corporation with patent application and prosecution in Japan. With our network of international attorneys, we also work to secure our client’s patents in multiple jurisdictions abroad. Our experienced team manages all facets of patent enforcement.

Trademark Registration and Maintenance

Murashita Law and Patent Office specializes in Trademark registration and maintenance both in Japan and abroad. Our trademark specialists assist clients in identifying suitable trademarks, securing registration and management of the client’s trademark maintenance and protection. We have a network of international partners to facilitate registration in multiple jurisdictions globally.

Copyright and Publicity Services

Murashita Law and Patent Office will assist with all facets of copyright registration, management and protection. Negotiating and drafting agreements with third parties; granting rights for use of your original works, images, productions, or materials; licensing agreements; etcetera. Platforms for copyright protection include print publication, advertising, video, web-based, streaming, computer programs and apps.

Intellectual Property Rights

In addition to the traditional intellectual property arenas of patent, trademark, and copyright law, Murashita Law and Patent Office will assist and facilitate utility model rights in Japan, design patents and design rights, and combatting unfair trade practices. We perform all drafting, negotiation and documentation required to support registration as well as license agreements.

Legal Support for Businesses

Murashita Law and Patent Office clients are both small businesses and large multinational firms. We provide full-service support for all business operations. Our premise is compliance-based operations including preparation of legal documentation for establishment of a corporate body; preparation for shareholders meetings; consultation for board of directors’ operations; compliance with securities transactions; risk-based analysis, preventive measures and countermeasures against shareholder actions and managing disputes in corporate management. We regularly assist with management of receivables and other corporate assets and other ad hoc legal services on a continuous representational basis.

International Transactions

Murashita Law and Patent Office guides our clients through international transactions including negotiation with interested parties, document preparation, and preparation of licensing agreements.  We aggressively assert your intellectual property rights overseas to combat counterfeit and copyright or trademark infringement actions.

Real Property

Murashita Law and Patent Office will assist with all real property transactions as well as disputes related to land rights, building code or compliance issues and registration concerns. We develop preventive measures and countermeasures against disputes involving real property. Our services include real property leasing and rent management, renewal agreements, building expansion or renovation, transfer of leasehold rights, and coordination and negotiation with neighborhood associations.

Debt and Bankruptcy

Murashita Law and Patent Office assists our clients, both business and personal, with debt restructuring and bankruptcy. We manage the reconstruction of companies through special conciliation proceedings or civil rehabilitation proceedings; negotiate out-of-court settlements, manage debt liquidation with creditors and provide representation through bankruptcy proceedings. Several of our attorneys also serve as court-appointed bankruptcy trustees.

Civil Disputes and Transactions

Murashita Law and Patent Office’s Civil Disputes and Transactions section primarily assists individual clients with all their civil law needs. Our representation has touched nearly every are of civil law including home repair construction work; debt collection; labor and employment; sale and purchase transactions; boundary or private road disputes; consumer damage from financial instruments or derivative transactions; defamation; personal privacy rights; traffic accidents; industrial accidents and product liability.

Family Law

The family law practice supports the family law needs of our individual clients. We represent individuals through breach of marriage promise; invalidation or annulment of marriage; divorce; dissolution of adoptive relations; surname change; adult guardianship; preparation and execution of wills; estate representation to manage heirs’ inheritance, division of estate and statutory reserved share distribution.

Criminal Defense

Representation in all criminal matters from investigation through trial and final appeals.

Immigration (U.S.)

Family-Based Immigration (spouse and minor children of US citizens); Employment-Based Immigration (work visas, temporary visas); Education Visas.

Military Justice (U.S.)

Representation of United States military personnel before Courts-Martial, Boards of Inquiry and Administrations Separation Boards; Inspector General Investigations, Nonjudicial Punishment appeals and Complaints of Wrongs.

Consulting and Advisory Service

In addition to assisting our clients with specific matters, we also regularly provide generalized consulting services for managing your intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents and trademark protections and licensing agreements.

Many of our attorneys, in addition to their subject matter expertise, are adjunct professors. We take our mission and enduring philosophy to protect fundamental human rights and achieve social justice to heart and offer legal training for businesses, employees and other select groups.