A court-martial is a federal criminal court conducted under Title 10 of the United States Code. Conviction at courts-martial carries significant and lasting repercussions including incarceration, loss of military benefits and a criminal record. Quality legal representation early in the process is essential to protect your rights and your future.

David Harrison brings decades of experience at every level of military justice practice. He tried cases as prosecutor, defense counsel, appellate counsel, and military judge; chaired the Joint Services Committee on Military Justice drafting new legislation and Executive Orders, and has provided testimony and briefings on military justice matters to the White House and Congress; and, he held command of both a prosecution office and a defense office.

With an office in Tokyo, David is the “local” expert who focuses his military practice on representing service members in the Pacific Theater. His depth and breadth of courts-martial practice is simply unmatched. Being in-theater in Japan, representation comes with significant cost savings by eliminating travel costs associated with state-side counterparts.